Don't Give Up

You're tired but don't give up.
Ignore the nay-Sayers (haters), there to corrupt

They were placed with a plan to cause you duress
Open you up to distress
A depressing caress
So you'd forget that your blessed
and you can handle this mess

Everyone wants a harvest but they don't want to get hurt
But if you're really sowing in life, you'll encounter some dirt
So set your face like a flint
If your fasting pop a mint

Don't let the process corrupt
Cause you'll reap a harvest
If you just don't give up.
See Galatians 6:9


Christmas Christmas Christmas

That’s the Holiday about the Lord, RIGHT?!?!!
The Holiday when people fight in stores Right?!?!?!
Allll about BLACK Friday deals
Not about Christ’s blood that heals
Buying gifts for pookie, june bug, an ‘em
Although they still aint got Jesus in them
Hookin kids up with X-box Kinect
Christ, or is it X; no wonder people forget.
Well I’ve had all the pleasures a phat X-mas can bring
And none of that helped me when my heart life did sting
Nothing money could do, nothing you could buy
I had to seek my healing through the baby born to die
In all your shopping you can’t by salvation
Although that message is obscured in this ravenous nation
So I start where I began, Christmas Christmas Christ.  Mass
That’s the gift I leave with, The gift of his love that will last and last.

The Scent of Desperation


When men smell desperation
It’s just like perspiration
That brings about meditation
That leads to a situation
That takes away your dedication
That leads you into condemnation
That really leads to complication
That takes you out of circulation
And eventually brings humiliation
It deadens your sense of illumination
That leads you into devastation
Next thing you know there’s no dedication
You move away from your obligation
And all because of desperation
Do you think you’re the only in the population
Who have had the scent of desperation?



What You See Is……


There was time that when I saw women, I saw sex


So I spoke sex, and I got sex


There was a time that, when I saw me, I saw misery,


So I spoke and sought misery, and thus I got misery


Misery from waking up and trying to remember this stranger’s name


Misery from feeling the familiar void in life’s games


Misery of trying to stay up late as if I could delay a new day of ……misery



Was a time when I saw women I saw greed,


And for some strange reason, all I could get, was greed


Wasn’t what I wanted, but maybe my misery wanted company.



One day someone saw me, and saw hope


So they spoke hope, and they got hope


They turned me to you, and you said “I am love”


Couldn’t see it at first, but when I could see it, I sought it


I could see it, I could get it


One day I met her, and somehow I saw……your…love….in….her


I could see love, I was scared, but I spoke love


And finally I could get love


Thanks for helping me see you, and get you, in everything I do.


Thanks for helping me to see better, so I could get….better



Cautiously Optimistic, while long range realistic

(or is that pessimistic in disguise)

Enjoying the warmth your closeness brings

Trying to forget past breakups and stings

Grover Washington said Let it Flow

Freddy Jackson said Nice and Slow

Stevie said everything is alright,

But Luther said If Only for One Night


So with my feet firm on the ground

While trying to keep my hear out the clouds

Feeling my heart wanting to soar

Ignoring common sense and history’s roar

I know I hold too tightly to past pains

Which is worse than going back down memory lane

Who am I kidding it’s time to be bold

I’ll let go of the reigns and let fate (faith) take hold

Cautiously optimistic, but long range realistic

Life without love, is no life at all

But love sometimes hurts, don’t be afraid to fall


Just A One Night Stand

Just a one night stand
Just another life unplanned
One more child be damned


If I had only kept silent
If I had only kept my big mouth shut
Why did I have to attract so much attention
You never bothered me when I was out there
But now, you just can't vex me enough

You've touched my body; it aches.
You've touched my money; it's thin.
You've touched my clarity; cloudy inside an out
You've touched my friends; what friends?!?!

Why have I invited such an attack?
It is not fair.

Still, when I tried to figure it out, all I got was a splitting headache . . .
Until I entered the sanctuary of God.
Then I saw the whole picture: (Psalms 73:16-17)

No, not the sanctuary with all the well dressed people ignoring my plight, but the one within me
The one that was my praise....
There I learned that my Praise of my maker got your attention
it moved you to attack me

My anointing provoked this attack.

Calling the heavenly hosts, for it's not in my strength I boast.
For I know victory is mine, one praise at a time
With my praise, I will attack back.

My silence is the victory you ultimately desire
But my God has carried me through the fire,
and placed me in a wealthy place.
So to my enemy......about face!